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Spring Skiing Tips for Your Jackson Hole Trip

January 23, 2024

While most people tuck away their skis at the end of the winter, a select few wait to store their gear, knowing that a hidden treasure awaits them. They’re anxiously awaiting the stellar spring skiing in Jackson Hole. Imagine empty slopes, fresh snow, and a laid back atmosphere, all bathed in sunlight. Intrigued? Get ready to unlock the magic of spring at Jackson Hole!


What’s So Special About Spring Skiing? 

Frigid winter days are fading into the past, but that doesn’t mean ski season is over! The spring ski season brings many positive changes to the slopes, including softer snow and warming sunshine. The temperatures on the mountains become much more comfortable, and the snow transforms, making the slopes feel completely different. In the spring, the melt-freeze cycle creates “corn snow,” which is ideal for carving turns. It is a totally different way to experience skiing in Jackson Hole! 

You can monitor the conditions on the slope using https://opensnow.com/ 

During the spring, the crowds around Jackson Hole get smaller, creating a peaceful atmosphere on the slopes. Because there are less people around, the waits are shorter, the noise is reduced, and the disruptions are eliminated. You can hit the runs over and over without any hassle! You’ll be able to soak up the ski slopes at your own pace and take control of your skiing experience. Bring your sunscreen so you can take full advantage of the outdoors! 


Spring Skiing in Jackson Hole 

In the spring, Jackson Hole sees stunning sunshine and sensational snowpack thanks to its high altitude. Don’t let the warmth fool you though! Often, Jackson Hole doesn’t reach its deepest snowpack of the season until the spring! Most days, skiers see corn snow all day, but occasionally icy or slushy patches pop up in the mornings or late afternoons. 

Crowds tend to be smaller compared to the crowds during the peak season, but there are busy spurts due to families and college students visiting on their spring breaks. Still, the majority of the spring ski season is tranquil and clear. 

There are lots of alternate activities to enjoy around Jackson Hole if you need a break from skiing. You may also want to hike or bike scenic trails, take a relaxing soak in the hot springs, explore the shops in the charming village, or indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment while you’re in town! As you explore, keep an eye out for elk and other animals, which are frequently seen enjoying the snowy, rugged landscape. 


Spring Events 

Many ski resorts host special spring events and festivals, adding to the fun of spring skiing! You can expect live music, pond skims, costume contests, and plenty of good vibes. 

A few of the most popular spring events in Jackson Hole include…

  • Kings and Queens of Corbet’s (February 3-10, 2024), which provides a chance for skiers and riders to test their grit and showcase their style at the most famed couloir in North America
  • Jackson Hole Food and Wine Winter Fest (March 7-9, 2024), which allows guests to interact and dine with top chefs in addition and renowned beverage producers
  • Rendezvous Music Festival (April 5-6, 2024), which is a two-day music festival that brings in an amazing lineup of artists to perform in front of iconic Jackson Hole backdrops

For more, check out Jackson Hole ’s event calendar: https://www.jacksonhole.com/events 

You still have ample time to enjoy skiing and other fun activities in Jackson Hole before the end of the ski season! Adventure awaits you this spring in Jackson Hole!

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