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Snowmobile to Soaking

October 24, 2018

Looking for the ultimate adventure that combines adrenaline with rejuvination and site seeing with soaking?  This adventure can be found on a snowmobile tour to Granite Hot Springs.  Togwotee Snowmobile Tours offers a fully outfitted trip with a guide, snowmobile, food, and maybe even some wildlife scenery along the way!  

To start the adventure, the guides will give a safety talk to explain how the snowmobiles work and ensure everyone understands use of the sled.  After the safety talk,  get ready to head out on a beautiful trail along Granite Creek with incredible Wyoming views.  Just about 10 miles up the trail sits the Granite Hot Springs; they are only accessible in the winter by snowmobile, cross country ski, or a dog sled.

Upon arriving to the Hot Springs, the crystal clear water offers the perfect spot to soak and relax.  Time seems to pause as you sit back and gaze off into the snow-capped mountains and frosty forest.  The guides allow ample time for soaking and taking in the ultimate relaxation.

After changing back into snowmobile gear, the next stop is a picture perfect glimpse of Granite Falls, just a short distance away.  Take a few pictures and hop back on your sled and get ready for some fun as you explore around the trails, open fields and area that surrounds the hot springs.  Keep those eyes peeled for wildlife as deep, fun powder stashes await.  If you’re wondering about the appetite that may have been built on the adventure, wonder no more as a few miles away sits a food cart in the middle of the valley serving hot food such as a mouthwatering hamburger and hot dog.

It all sounds to dreamy to be true, but I promise in the land of Wyoming, this rejuvinating adventure can be found on your next trip to Jackson Hole.


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