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Our Favorite Groomed Runs for When OpenSnow Calls for Bluebird Days

January 29, 2021

Corduroy shredding, groomer bombing, railroad tracks... whatever you want to call it, the recent stretch of sunny weather has been perfect for carving arcing turns on-piste. With more sunny days to come, we've partnered with OpenSnow so we always know the right equipment to bring to make the most of whatever sort of day it is on the mountain. While the fleeting beauty of a powder day is always something worth celebrating, we've rounded up a few of our favorite "old-reliable" runs that make every day at Jackson Hole feel special.

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noun_square_1911421 Sundance

This fantastic cruiser of an intermediate run follows the path of the gondola down the mountain, with fun rollers over the cat tracks if you're looking to catch a little air. With fun pitch changes and a great view, set your edges and give yourself the feeling of racing a Super-G.

noun_Diamond_1772478 Kemmerer

Located off of the Teton Lift, this expert run is frequently, but not always, groomed for a nice steep and speedy ride you can lap all day. Besides being a great place for some high-speed carving, this run features incredible sweeping views of the valley.

green-circle Pooh-Bear

Jackson Hole doesn't exactly feature a lot of beginner terrain, but this run near the base is perfect for learning or simply taking it easy. The mellow pitch and wide open space make for perfect learning terrain, or simply a great spot to carve big turns on low-angle terrain.

noun_square_1911421 Wide Open

A run that lives up to it's name, Wide Open offers, you guessed it, plenty of space to rip around matched with an outrageous view. Our favorite way to get here follows Sundog under the chair to Sleeping Indian, then continues down Ashley Ridge for even more buttery-smooth corduroy.

What are your favorite runs when the sun has been shining a few days in a row? Did we miss any favorites? Let us know in the comments.


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