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King and Queen of Corbet's Couloir

January 29, 2020

Jackson Hole is a world class ski destination for families and pros alike. It offers all terrain for all folks and some of the most extreme terrain in the country. With extreme terrain, comes extreme competitions.

The Beginning
Corbet’s is a steep and beautiful couloir that can be seen from the tram; one of the most gnarly inbound lines in North America. And in 2017, Jess McMillan along with a crew of dedicated staff and athletes turned this iconic line into one of the greatest ski competitions in the world. Going on it’s fourth year, here is what to expect at this year’s King and Queen of Corbet’s Competition.

The Competition
This year’s competition takes place during the week of February 10 through the 15th. They will wait for the perfect weather window during this week to kick off the one day competition at 10am. The idea behind the event was to have a spirit filled day of skiing and snowboarding with no boundaries. The athletes can do whatever they want within the couloir and off the jumps below. They compete together and are not divided by skiers or snowboarders but judged purely on style. To find the full list of 2020 athletes and their bios, check out the link below. https://www.jacksonhole.com/kings-queens-corbets.html

There are a few videos you can watch on the event including the history of the competition at https://youtu.be/BeCgOyTEAgU or the heartwarming story of Trevor Kennison, the first sit skier to enter the competition (last year), and how sit skiing has given him purpose after a bad snowboard accident https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diuX1MqDuoE

Judging and Awards
Each athlete is given two shots to get in their best run. Then, watching the video taken by world class videographers, judge each other for the King and Queen of Corbet’s titles. The athletes are the judges, but come check it out and choose for yourself! You can watch from the Tram or below Corbet’s in the Tensleep Bowl (no easy way down). And if you are out of town during the event, check out the livestream that will be available at Jacksonhole.com (as well as a final posting of the top placers). It is a spectacle that ecompasses all that Jackson is, and one not to be missed.

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