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Jackson Hole's 2023 Snowfall is Already Setting Records!

February 4, 2023

Snow has been dumping on Jackson Hole this ski season. We're only a month into 2023 and the snowfall is already setting records! At the end of January, Jackson Hole recorded its biggest 2-day snowfall total ever



The snow storm that hit Jackson Hole last week dumped a record-setting amount of snow on Jackson Hole. This massive storm started on Thursday, January 26th and ended on Saturday, January 28th, leaving an astonishing 52 inches of fresh snow in its wake. The snow was so deep on Friday that it was almost too deep to ski! (Almost!) 

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort shared, "Whenever the portal to powder heaven opens here, it's a special time. And this storm was all-time, statistically-speaking: per OpenSnow, the 41" recorded in Rendezvous Bowl between January 28-29 was the highest 48-hour total ever dating back to the winter of 1974-1975!" That's right- we exceeded the previous record by eleven inches! 

You can read the resort's in-depth, day-by-day report on the storm here: https://www.jacksonhole.com/blog/50-in-50-hours 


On January 31st, the resort reported a season total of 350 inches of snow and a base of 95 inches. That's a lot of snow- and it isn't stopping! OpenSnow's forecast for Jackson Hole shows a small storm hitting on Sunday, which is expected to add five more inches to the current totals. 

This is exciting for the resort, but it also means that skiers should be careful when selecting terrain. Anytime there's a huge amount of snowfall in a short period of time, there's a higher risk of avalanches- both natural and skier-triggered. Be safe and check the forecasts on the Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center website before you hit the slopes! 

Come see all of the snow for yourself this winter in Jackson Hole! 

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