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Jackson Hole Kids Night Out

March 13, 2020

Parents and Kids just want to have fun, but sometimes it’s not the same kind of fun. If you are looking to have an adult night out on the town but feel bad for leaving the kiddos behind, don’t! They can have fun too at Kids Night Out with the Kids Ranch staff. 


This winter, Kids Night Out will be taking place March 20, 25, and 31st as well as April 9th. The camp will run from 6-9pm for kids ages 4 to 14. You can reserve a spot for your kiddo up to 1pm the day of the camp. Call 307-739-2788  for more details. 

Fun Activities

The night includes games, t-shirt dying, outdoor sledding, and even a pizza party! Let them get wound up with the counselors, then chill out with a movie and bean bags just in time for you to swing in. 

Parent's Night Out

And for you, parents (I didn’t forget about you!), enjoy drinks and even some live music at one of my favorite spots in Jackson (list below).

The Hatch -Speciality Tequila drinks and modern Mexican cuisine 

The Cowboy- a westrn style bar with pool, music, and lots of bar space

The Rose- elegant drinks with live music at the next door Pink Garter Theater

Thai Me Up/Melvin Brewing- Thai fusion pub food and excellent brews

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