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February Brings Snow to Jackson Hole

February 24, 2021

February 2021 has started off with a bang! With tons of fresh snowfall, this is looking like the perfect time to head to Jackson Hole and hit the slopes. 

Jackson Hole's snow is starting to ramp up to historic levels. So far, February has been so prolific that Jackson Hole has easily surpassed the previous 2019 record. Already, this is the third-snowiest February that Jackson Hole has seen as long as records have been kept, with further predicted snowfall set to push it even further up in the rankings. 


On February 17, Jackson Hole passed 400 inches of snowfall. It is anticipated that the ski resorts will reach a 500 inch season this year. OpenSnow predicts a further 14 inches over the next 5 days.

Check Out OpenSnow

Looking for a detailed snow forecast? Check out OpenSnow! With forecasts, snowfall histories, snow cams, and more all organized by ski resort, they've got all of the information you need to plan your next ski trip! 

Keep in mind that backcountry skiing is quite dangerous at the moment, as unmaintained snowpack through the Tetons has set avalanche risk fairly high. On the other hand, resort skiing, which is well-maintained and protected, is looking AWESOME.

If you're thinking about planning a ski trip, don't delay! Start planning today so you can take advantage of February's record-breaking snowfall! 

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